5 Easy Ways to Raise Creative Kids

I have enjoyed over 30 years of creativity with my four children and now my granddaughter.  

One of my favorite memories of my life with my children was when we were all sitting around the large family dinning table.

I would be painting and the children would all be involved in doing something creative themselves, doing homework, writing a speech, doing art of their own.

5 ways to raise creative children

We would all be talking, laughing, creating and brainstorming ideas together.  It was always full of love, energy and excitement.  It felt like a meeting of minds.

Creativity has bonded my family together and is still does. 

Without creativity and imagination nothing new would ever have been built or created.

Here a 5 simple steps to nurture creativity in your family:

  1. Be creative in front of your children.
  2. Make it a fun time together, time when you put your phone away and turn the TV off.
  3. Have lots of different creative materials in your house and let them be freely used without limitation.
  4. Never criticise or correct your child’s creations – or your own!
  5. Tell your child that their creations and your own are from your heart. It is an expression of you so it can never be wrong.

 Have fun getting creative with your family, we would love to see photos of your creations.

Wishing you many creative happy memories.

Love Fiona


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