We inspire children to be imaginative & confident, to celebrate who they are & to have a passion for life!

We are a mother and daughter team with a passion to keep kids, kids by creating a world where your children’s imagination can come to life and a world where children know it is fantastic to be exactly who they are.

Our backgrounds in teaching, psychology, parenting and art has given us to a passion to inspire children and parents to enjoy childhood, to believe in themselves and to celebrate their differences.

Our aim with the Beetle Bottoms is to create characters who represent real children.  Characters who inspire them to enjoy being kids, to enjoy their differences and believe in themselves.

We want to show real children’s bodies; solid, healthy and happy. And for our characters to represent all types of children so that each child can see themselves represented.

We also want to bring a sense of adventure and magic back to childhood by creating a world that is happening right outside your door, children will all have Beetle Bottoms living close by because they are tiny people who live in gardens and parks all over the world so they can all have their own adventure with the Beetle Bottoms.

We believe that children learn best through play and creativity and that childhood is a powerful time that shapes the way you view the world for the rest of your life, this is why it is vital we teach our children how wonderful it is to be them.  Thank you for letting the Beetle Bottoms join you in this exciting adventure.

You can view our range of children’s books, fun educational games, toys and wall decals.

Lets start building a brighter future for our children together …

Fiona Whyte

Renowned New Zealand Artist Fiona trained at Auckland’s ELAM School of Fine Arts and then earned a Diploma of Education from Auckland Teachers College.

She is a widely-exhibited artist whose paintings and sculptures are held in private and corporate collections world-wide.

Fiona’s career as a commissioned artist blossomed early and she never used her teaching Diploma, but she has maintained her connection with children through her programs of free art classes in New Zealand schools.  The freedom of this form of teaching has allowed Fiona the opportunity to continue experiencing the world through the eyes of children.

Fiona moved to Byron Bay with her youngest son to join her two daughters, son in law and granddaughter in 2011.

Fiona illustrates all of the Beetle Bottoms images, along with being part of the creative writing team developing the stories.

To see more of Fiona’s work visit www.fionawhyte.co.nz 

Sarah Hill

Sarah has always had a passion for working with children and families.

After gaining her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology,  Sarah spent many years working professionally with children and parents before moving to Byron Bay to train as a yoga teacher, specialising in pre and post natal yoga.

Sarah and her husband Chris welcomed their first baby Briar Rose into the world in 2011.

Sarah is an integral part of the Beetle Bottoms creative team, working as part of the team writing books and designing products.

“Watch a child out in nature they are busy being little scientists.  As the move and investigate they are practicing motor
skills, when they talk about what they see they are developing their vocabulary.  They can learn colours, counting, story
telling, social skills and so much more when they are simply playing in the garden.”
– Sarah Hill

Our beautiful family have all contributed to the Beetle Bottoms dream.  In particular Maddy who had leant her amazing design skills and contributed to the writing and design of 2 of our books Beetle Bottoms & the Eyes in the Night  and Beetle Bottoms & the Sticky Situation.