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  • Raise Confident Happy Children

    embrace your differencesAt Beetle Bottoms we are committed to helping kids stay kids.  We believe that every single person is perfect just as they are.

    Our celebrated children’s books, games and dolls embrace this theme.

    As a mum myself, I want to know that the books and toys I am buying children are fun to read and play. I want them to have gorgeous illustrations and themes that ignite my child’s imagination, and I want them to bring out the best in my child.

    great gift ideas for kids

    We all want our children to navigate the world confidently, for them to stand tall and say this is who I am; we want them to love themselves for who they are and to love others for what makes them uniquely them.

    When children are raised in a family and community who celebrate uniqueness and individuality, negative experiences like bullying and low self-esteem fall away.

    The Beetle Bottoms books, games and dolls introduce your children to the amazing world of the Beetle Bottoms: tiny people who live in your garden, which can lead to lots of fun exploring and adventuring.

    All of the Beetle Bottoms products encourage your family to embrace and celebrate what makes each of you unique.

    anything is possibleLet the Beetle Bottoms books, games and toys support you in growing confident happy children.

    What a beautiful world it will be for your child who knows their own value, who says no to bullying and who simply loves life.

    bring the magic home

  • Nurturing the creativity & wonder of childhood.

    At Beetle Bottoms we love to celebrate childhood, we love to encourage children to embrace who they are and love the things that make them unique.

    Children come into this world loving who they are, they are experts in finding joy and wonder in the simplest things. If we continue to expose them to positive messages and nurture their unique, magnificent nature they will never loose this love and wonder.

    celebrate-childhoodImagine a world where both children and adults knew how truly amazing they were simply being themselves, things like low self-esteem, bullying, eating disorders and depression would simply fall away because they cannot live in an environment where there is absolute love and acceptance. They cannot live within us when we know our real value.


    This is our dream and mission at Beetle Bottoms, all of our books, games and dolls are created to support you in growing strong, resilient children who love who they are and love the things that make themselves and others unique.3a

    Our free colouring and activity book is such a fun place to start the Beetle Bottoms journey, and a bonus is it will engage your kids creatively for hours especially if you take it out into the garden and look for the Beetle Bottoms together.

  • Christmas Fun for Kids

    Christmas Gifts At Beetle Bottoms we believe in creating a world where your children’s imagination can come to life and a world where children know it is fantastic to be exactly who they are. Childhood is a magical time full of adventure and fun and what is more exciting than Christmas! Kids make Christmas magic I absolutely love sharing the excitement of decorating the house, making presents for loved ones and getting ready for Santa to come. Christmas Craft Just like the Beetle Bottoms stories the Christmas and Santa story creates a world of wonder for children to explore and learn in, and it celebrates the joy of giving. With tkids-christmas-card-printableshe shops full of enticing toys and gifts the focus of Christmas can easily move to what we are going to get!  It is a wonderful thing to move the excitment to thoughts of sharing fun times with family and friends, creating beautiful Christmas decorations and thinking of gifts we can make for our loved ones that will bring a smile to their face. We created our Kids Christmas Activity book with this in mind, it has gorgeous Christmas card templates and Santa Letters for your children to colour in and share as well as easy to make Christmas decoration templates.  

  • A Truly Beautiful World


    There have been so many tragedies in the world over the last few months that it can be easy to loss sight of all of the beauty that is still in the world. 

    At testing times it can be so easy to become filled with anger and outrage, to call for justice and revenge but in the wise word of Maya Angelou

    “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet.”

    Now is the time for more love, for more acceptance, it is a time to join together as one humanity.  It is time for us to celebrate our differences and to look for beauty in the world.

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Raise Creative Kids

    I have enjoyed over 30 years of creativity with my four children and now my granddaughter.  

    One of my favorite memories of my life with my children was when we were all sitting around the large family dinning table.

    I would be painting and the children would all be involved in doing something creative themselves, doing homework, writing a speech, doing art of their own.

    5 ways to raise creative children

    We would all be talking, laughing, creating and brainstorming ideas together.  It was always full of love, energy and excitement.  It felt like a meeting of minds.

    Creativity has bonded my family together and is still does. 

    Without creativity and imagination nothing new would ever have been built or created.

    Here a 5 simple steps to nurture creativity in your family:

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  • What Dolls Taught Us About Ourselves

    We wanted to know what how people felt about their childhood experience of dolls and their thoughts on popular modern dolls, so we hit the streets and asked some amazing people their thoughts.

  • Why would an 11 year think they are too fat?

    I have one distinct memory of playing with Barbie’s, and after interviewing many people on the street I found out it’s not an uncommon one.  My friend and I where only 11 years old, as we dressing up our Barbie’s we discussed to great lengths how we wished that we could create a machine that would magically take away all of our fat and make us look as Barbie did.  

    every single doll was white

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  • Children are not born racist …

    It is time to start accepting everyone, and children are so natural at it.

    Children just don’t come into the world and see some one looking different and think negative things about them; they just see a new friend.

    Being racist and judgmental of others is a completely taught thing.  And it is supported by society in so many ways, simply walking into the doll isle in a toy shop can be a shock with shelves stocked full of blonde pretty dolls.  We are not even acknowledging that other cultures exist by not having dolls who represent them. 

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  • Should we be giving such grown up dolls to our impressionable kids?

    I was very upset when I went to buy my daughter a My Little Pony, gone was the sweet pony I remembered and what replaced it was a sexy, teenage looking pony.  With big eyes, big hair and lots of make up. Unfortunately this seems to be a common trend in many of the popular dolls on the market and I don’t understand why?

    Why would I want to give my 3 year old daughter an unnatural, sexy doll?

    How could dolls like these not influence her view on what she thinks it means to be beautiful, worthy and natural?

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