Children are not born racist …

It is time to start accepting everyone, and children are so natural at it.

Children just don’t come into the world and see some one looking different and think negative things about them; they just see a new friend.

Being racist and judgmental of others is a completely taught thing.  And it is supported by society in so many ways, simply walking into the doll isle in a toy shop can be a shock with shelves stocked full of blonde pretty dolls.  We are not even acknowledging that other cultures exist by not having dolls who represent them. 

At the moment there is a lot of racial turbulence in the world and if we bring our children up to be scared of other races or think less of them or simply not know them, then we take away peoples humanity.  When you don’t acknowledge that everyone is human and everyone is lovely, then cruel things happen and it justifies things that would not happen and are not natural for people to do.  We want to see a world where every one is accepted and loved for exactly who they are. 

It is time for all of us to learn to celebrate each others differences, and it starts in childhood.  Children need to see all types of people represented in their dolls and the media.

These little Beetle Bottoms they are all friends, they don’t care if one of them has brown skin and one has pink skin they don’t care about any of that.  They just care about who you are and connecting with you and having fun with you. 

Our books and our dolls are a reminder to everyone that we are all humans, we all love our children, we all love our parents. We are all united and we are all one in this human race. 

Our Beetle Bottoms dolls represent all children and help tech children they are living in a world where we are all safe to be exactly who we are.

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