Children’s dolls and wall decals

Beetle Bottoms has a great range of children’s dolls available for delivery world wide. Beetle Bottoms dolls are created to promote a healthy body image in children.  There has been no detail spared with these dolls from their textured hair to cute little toes. These dolls are the perfect way for your children to bring their imagination to life and introduce the characters from the Beetle Bottoms children’s books into the real world. Here is a run down of the different Beetle Bottoms dolls available for purchase in our online store with world wide delivery.

Hummer Plush Doll

Hummer is a born leader and he loves an adventure nearly as much as Pip. He has a little sister Buzz, who is a few months older than Pip and follows him everywhere; he adores her and is very protective of his little sister.

Hummer is best friends with Pip and one of the main characters in Beetle Bottoms and the Eyes in the Night.

A leader.

Loves adventure.



Petal Plush Doll

Petal is very gentle; she speaks softly and is always taking care of everyone including all of the animals and insects in the garden. Whenever her friends are worried or upset they will go to Petal for her wisdom and understanding.

She is Pip’s big sister and lucky for Pip she has her big sister to look out for her and keep her out of trouble…




Fun and loving.

Pip Plush Doll

Pip is the youngest of the Beetle Bottoms friends and she is also the naughtiest! She is full of so much life and energy that she can hardly stand to be still. She runs everywhere and is constantly fidgeting, and looking for another adventure. But when she does finally relax, Pip sprawls across the ground with a cheeky grin.

  • Pip is the main character in our books.
  • Adventurous.
  • Full of life.
  • Cheeky but sweet!

Pollen Plush Doll

Pollen is very graceful and gentle; she loves cooking for her friends and family, and makes the most delicious honey cakes that nobody can resist.

  • Pollen is best friends with Petal.
  • Loving.
  • Graceful.
  • Loves cooking.

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