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 CLOSING DOWN SALE $5 Storewide | $10 FlatRate Shipping | AfterPAy  | created in australia

Story Play Cards

Beetle Bottoms story telling cards are the beginning of a life long love of creativity and self-expression, they build children’s confidence, life skills, social skills and encourage them to enjoy expressing themselves.

  • Story telling cards.
  • Create your own stories with your children.
  • Easy prompts to inspire the where the story will go.
  • Story Starters.
  • Creative writing prompts.
  • The Cards come in a solid cardboard box, designed to last and grow with your children!

The Story Play Cards game includes 36 Story Play Cards, which are packed in a robust card box.

Each card gives you a story starter on one side and a picture in the other side of the card.

Use either the story starter or the illustration to start your story then get creative, if you need inspiration for where to take the story next draw a new card and use the picture side as a prompt for what will happen.

One of my biggest wishes is for children to love themselves and be confident expressing who they are to the world.

So many people describe public speaking as their biggest fear and many of us are terrified to express ourselves.

Allowing children to have their voice and teaching them that it is not only safe but also fun to express themselves is a huge gift that I hope all children will receive.

These Story Telling Cards Build Confidence in a many areas:

  • Speaking out loud
  • Expressing their own thoughts
  • Sharing their creativity
  • Practicing life skills and communication skills
  • Building trust, love and connection
  • Learning that making mistakes is a great thing because you learn from it.
  • Learning about story structure and how to tell an exciting story.
  • And knowing that they are wonderful at speaking so as they grow they will not carry fears around public speaking and expressing themselves.
  • This story telling game provides numerous options for educational play, which helps children developmentally while also being great fun.
  • This fun game for kids has been designed to grow with your child; when your children are little parents and careers can tell the stories while children pick the cards; as they grow let them take over the story telling, when they are older they can even be used for creative writing practice.

    The story options are endless and they lead to a fun and interactive bedtime story!

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