Pip is the youngest of the Beetle Bottoms in our garden and she is also the naughtiest! She is full of so much life and energy that she can hardly stand to be still. She runs everywhere and is constantly fidgeting, and looking for another adventure. But when she does finally relax, Pip sprawls across the ground with a cheeky grin.

She is very affectionate and adores her big sister Petal. Petal and Pip love to snuggle up together and make up incredible adventure stories together.

Pip is too busy having fun to bother with keeping clean, and she often comes home covered in mud and dirt much to her parents annoyance- but with a cheeky grin from Pip and an amazing tale to explain the dirt, she always keeps out of trouble… well nearly always!


Hummer is a born leader and he loves an adventure nearly as much as Pip. He has a little sister Buzz, who is a few months older than Pip and follows him everywhere; he adores her and is very protective of his little sister.

Hummer is very honest. He is always clear and ordered with everything he does. He is a great talker and listener and has a talent for convincing everyone to follow his plans. He is very friendly and always sees the best in a person and a situation.


Petal is very gentle; she speaks softly and is always taking care of everyone including all of the animals and insects in the garden. Whenever her friends are worried or upset they will go to Petal for her wisdom and understanding.

She is Pip’s big sister and lucky for Pip she has her big sister to look out for her and keep her out of trouble… although often Petal ends up saving Pip from the trouble she has caused!

Although Petal is very soft she is also very courageous especially when it comes to looking out for her loved ones. And although she wouldn’t tell Pip this, she loves all of the wild adventures she gets dragged along on as she tries to keep her little sister out of trouble.


Pollen is very graceful.  She seems to float through the room. Pollen is Petal’s best friend and just like Petal she is very gentle and caring. Pollen loves cooking for her friends and family and makes the most delicious honey cakes that nobody can resist.

Pollen can be very quiet and shy until she gets to know you and then once she knows you she is like a beam of sunshine… always giggling and smiling.

She has a twin brother Stinger who is very flamboyant and loud and often pulls her out of her shell making her do silly things with him.


Buzz is tiny and very petite. Everyone wants to look after her, especially her big brother Hummer, because she seems so delicate and fragile. She loves being the smallest and the attention she gets from being so tiny. She is very musical and loves to dance and sing everywhere.

Buzz has a wicked sense of humour and loves to sneak up on people and give them a fright. She always seems to pop up all over the place. She loves all of the bees they look after and spends hours singing to them and brushing the pollen from their legs.


Thorn talks fast and acts fast, he loves to go to the rescue and be in the middle of an adventure. The only problem is sometimes he talks and acts too fast which can make him a little clumsy and means his plans have sometimes not been thought through properly.

Thorn is a very proud big brother to his little baby sister and he is very soft and caring even though he tries to act tough in front of his friends.

Thorn finds it very hard to sit still and is always looking for the next bit of action. He loves exploring the garden with his friends and to have serious conversations with his best friend Nut.

He always carries his thorn stick with him just in case he might need it for his next adventure.


Nut is thoughtful, quiet and very smart. He loves reading and always carries his latest book in his satchel. He is an only child and adores his parents; he also loves playing with his friends.

Nut always walks with purpose and is very strong and patient. Although he often seems just a tiny bit older and wiser than his friends he loves to be naughty, and go on exciting adventures with them in the garden. Nut is often the one who gets the job of convincing everyone’s parents that letting them go on their latest exploration is a good idea- he is great at talking to the grown-ups!


Stinger loves to dress up and always wears his favourite band around his head. He loves to be the centre of attention is often shouting out to his friends “look at me!”

He follows Hummer everywhere and they have great fun together, but sometimes he gets a little jealous of Hummer because he wants to be the leader.

Stinger feels at home with his twin sister Pollen.  When he is with Pollen, it is one of the only times you will see Stinger quiet and peaceful! The rest of the time he is moving, marching, leaping and parading around.

Stinger is so much fun and all of his friends love dressing up and acting out their adventures with him.