Beetle Bottoms are tiny people who live in your garden.

Beetle Bottoms are real kids with a taste for adventure, however they are only the size of an apple pip and live in your garden.

Created in Byron Bay, Australia by a Mother and Daughter’s team with a passion to keep kids, kids by keeping childhood as a healthy arena for children to grow.

The Beetle Bottoms inspire imagination, get children outside playing and celebrate childhood.  

The characters portray natural, healthy, robust children’s bodies.

The Beetle Bottoms celebrate individuality.

They encourage children to embrace who they are and enjoy what makes themselves and their friends unique.

“We believe if you give kids a sense of mystery, they will learn to explore.

If we cherish their individuality, they will find their truth­.

If they know their worth, they will be unashamed to express their love.

If we embrace their passion for life, they will never lose sight of it.”