Nurturing the creativity & wonder of childhood.

At Beetle Bottoms we love to celebrate childhood, we love to encourage children to embrace who they are and love the things that make them unique.

Children come into this world loving who they are, they are experts in finding joy and wonder in the simplest things. If we continue to expose them to positive messages and nurture their unique, magnificent nature they will never loose this love and wonder.

celebrate-childhoodImagine a world where both children and adults knew how truly amazing they were simply being themselves, things like low self-esteem, bullying, eating disorders and depression would simply fall away because they cannot live in an environment where there is absolute love and acceptance. They cannot live within us when we know our real value.


This is our dream and mission at Beetle Bottoms, all of our books, games and dolls are created to support you in growing strong, resilient children who love who they are and love the things that make themselves and others unique.3a

Our free colouring and activity book is such a fun place to start the Beetle Bottoms journey, and a bonus is it will engage your kids creatively for hours especially if you take it out into the garden and look for the Beetle Bottoms together.

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