Raise Confident Happy Children

embrace your differencesAt Beetle Bottoms we are committed to helping kids stay kids.  We believe that every single person is perfect just as they are.

Our celebrated children’s books, games and dolls embrace this theme.

As a mum myself, I want to know that the books and toys I am buying children are fun to read and play. I want them to have gorgeous illustrations and themes that ignite my child’s imagination, and I want them to bring out the best in my child.

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We all want our children to navigate the world confidently, for them to stand tall and say this is who I am; we want them to love themselves for who they are and to love others for what makes them uniquely them.

When children are raised in a family and community who celebrate uniqueness and individuality, negative experiences like bullying and low self-esteem fall away.

The Beetle Bottoms books, games and dolls introduce your children to the amazing world of the Beetle Bottoms: tiny people who live in your garden, which can lead to lots of fun exploring and adventuring.

All of the Beetle Bottoms products encourage your family to embrace and celebrate what makes each of you unique.

anything is possibleLet the Beetle Bottoms books, games and toys support you in growing confident happy children.

What a beautiful world it will be for your child who knows their own value, who says no to bullying and who simply loves life.

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