Should we be giving such grown up dolls to our impressionable kids?

I was very upset when I went to buy my daughter a My Little Pony, gone was the sweet pony I remembered and what replaced it was a sexy, teenage looking pony.  With big eyes, big hair and lots of make up. Unfortunately this seems to be a common trend in many of the popular dolls on the market and I don’t understand why?

Why would I want to give my 3 year old daughter an unnatural, sexy doll?

How could dolls like these not influence her view on what she thinks it means to be beautiful, worthy and natural?

How could it not affect how she views herself?

When we interviewed people about their childhood dolls over and over they told us that the dolls they where playing with had a big impact on the way they played.  When they had older looking dolls they play more grown up games.

I believe that we should not be giving our children anything that is going to encourage them to  question who they are or make them feel like they need to look a certain way or act a certain way.

95% of children who suffer from anorexia are between the age of 12 and 26.  Although it is shocking that a 12 year old would be worried about their body to this extent it is not as surprising when you look at the popular dolls that are marketed to our children.  They show adult body types that are impossible for children to obtain  pre-puberty and are also impossible to achieve for many adults.  They are overly sexual and introduce our children to the idea of being a sexual object at a very young age, changing the way they relate to the opposite sex and often putting them in competition against each other.

We need dolls that empower our children to be themselves and believe in them selves.  Dolls that do not put adult pressure or ideals on our children. This is why we have developed our range of Beetle Bottoms dolls to represent healthy, natural and robust children.

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