The importance of Beetle Bottoms Children’s games

Beetle Bottoms Child games can play a vital role in the development of your child. It helps in the growth process of your child and provides a leisure activity for them. It enhances the emotional, physical and intellectual development of your child and also encourages them to move with confidence and imagination.

Playing games is an important activity for your child?s social and mental development. Educational games are important for keeping your child interested in learning. For example some games come with educational skills and academic contests, such as spelling. Our Beetle Bottoms Child games come with valuable lessons and help your children to learn and understand diversity, culture and individuality whilst still allowing your kids to be kids, having fun.

Beetle Bottoms Child games teach your child about what is good and bad and give them a chance to learn more about people, animals and countries.

Beetle Bottoms Child games have much significance in healthy child development. Beetle Bottoms Child games allow and encourage kids to process information and to make sense of their own world.

Beetle Bottoms story telling cards are the beginning of a life long love of creativity and self-expression, they build children’s confidence, life skills, social skills and encourage them to enjoy expressing

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Beetle Bottoms colour Memory and Snap Games brings a new life to these 2 classic games, each card has a gorgeous, detailed illustration of the Beetle Bottoms playing in nature which links with each different colour.

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