Books to Inspire Imagination

The Beetle Bottoms are tiny people who live in your garden.  

Beetle Bottoms picture books are designed to encourage imaginative play, and celebrate what makes each of us different and the magic of childhood.

 Illustrated by renowned New Zealand artist Fiona Whyte and created along side her 2 daughters in Byron Bay, Australia.  

“A book series that should be at the top of your reading list this year.”

– School Librarian.

Fun Educational Games

Children love these exciting games, designed to grow with your children.

Wall Decals

Our range features eight utterly gorgeous and original decal designs that like all of our products follow the lives of the tiny, adventure loving Beetle Bottoms.

Beetle Bottoms are tiny people who live in your garden.

We believe in creating a world where your children’s imagination can come to life and a world where children know it is fantastic to be exactly who they are.

At Beetle Bottoms we do not set unrealistic expectations for children and we make sure everyone is represented so no one is excluded.

Our games for girls and boyswall stickers for kids, gorgeous plush dolls and children’s story books all follow the adventures of the Beetle Bottoms as they discover a world of wonder in your garden.

Beetle Bottoms is brought to life by mum and renowned New Zealand artist and teacher, Fiona Whyte, her daughters Sarah Hill, Madison Holroyd and their family in Byron Bay, Australia.
The products all build on each other creating a world your children can immerse themselves in.

We are so excited to share our Beetle Bottoms adventures with you…