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 CLOSING DOWN SALE $5 Storewide | $10 FlatRate Shipping | AfterPAy  | created in australia

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  • I love the Beetle Bottoms Story Cards and the books. The children I care for are having fun telling me amazing Beetle Bottoms stories and we are having a lot of laughs. Thank you so much . I am showing everyone your beautiful products.


  • These are delightful read-aloud books for your little people, which will fire up their imaginations and their interest in their natural environment. If you haven’t got the Beetle Bottoms yet, you really should– they are a joy!


  • Beetle Bottoms gets a big tick from myself and my 3 children. There is a decided lack of products out there these days that actually believe in not only stimulating our children but also encouraging their imaginations, while also making them feel good about themselves and others in the process. Beetle Bottoms fulfills all this and more.


  • My kids thought they were amazing. Within minutes they were all making up elaborate adventures for the Beetle Bottoms. Sending them off to far off places.


  • What I love about the story is that is looks at the visual differences between people in a way that children can relate to easily. It has created conversations between my children and myself about how just because we might look different doesn’t mean that we are that different really.


  • The images on Beetle Bottom products are cute, colourful and my girls just adore them. They loved the fairy like characters and are now on the look out for Beetle Bottoms in the backyard.


  • This is a series that I would highly recommend be at the top of that list for this year!

    Both books offered a lot of scope for talking and thinking which is such a critical part of sharing stories with little ones, if we want them to learn the language we are expecting them to master. 

    Barbara Braxton Teacher Librarian M.Ed.(TL), M.App.Sci.(TL), M.I.S. (Children’s Services)

  • Beetle Bottoms and the Eyes in the Night is a gorgeous exploration of the truth that children judge each other on their connection with each other and not appearances, as well as a timely reminder to parents on the subject of ‘inherited’ prejudices.


  • This game is an absolute favourite in our house. My children boy 7 years and daughter 9 years want to play it nearly every night! We have even created a version of Go Fish using this game now!


  • Beetle Bottoms and the Sticky Situation is  a favourite. My children love the fast paced adventure and excitement.
    It is so hard to find dolls that look like my daughter and she was so happy Pip looks like her!
    I was really impressed by how much detail has gone into this doll with her toes, fingers and belly button (cute!) and the hair is amazing. You can also tell that it is a well made doll that will last, thank goodness because she hasnt been put down since she arrived!


  • I love that it teaches children about problem solving and the importance of working together. It also subtly teaches them about danger and consequences. It sends a great message of teamwork and triumph against all odds.


  • Some Beetle Bottoms snuck into my son’s room this afternoon. He LOVES them! He also found the Colour Memory & Snap game and has been playing with them all afternoon. They even went to bed with him!